SMS Racing


SMS Racing is now an authorized WP suspension service center! If you need suspension service or are interested in WP Pro Component products such as the new XACT Pro suspension then you have come to the right place. 


  • Lightweight construction                         
  • Improved riding balance
  • Factory design used by professional race teams in MX, Enduro and Rally
  • Each fork can be fine tuned with more adjustability to meet the special requirements for each rider
  • Friction optimized components                                                                                                                  
  • Unique Cone Valve valving system that permits almost limitless damping performance and combines comfort with bottoming resistance
  • Available in the AER fork or the conventional spring fork setup



  • Friction optimized components
  • Factory design used by professional race teams in MX, Enduro and Rally 
  • Inspires more confidence as well as added comfort                                                                                                     
  • Unique TRAX system that registers when the rear wheel has no ground contact and opens an oil bypass so that it can return to the ground faster, ultimately allowing for improved traction and acceleration
  • Your bike rides higher in the stroke when navigating repeated bumps (no "packing down")
  • Available in linkage damping systems as well as progressive damping system applications 

What Is a Suspension Service?

    Our suspension service is designed as a thorough inspection, cleaning and updating of your suspension to refresh the action of your motorcycle and keep your bike handling predictably. As a general rule, it is recommended to service your suspension after 20-30 hours of riding. 


    Servicing your suspension is important to maintaining your ride quality and keeping a consistent handling character. Some additional benefits include:

  • Prevents excessive wear of your suspension’s internal components. The action of your suspension working while you’re riding creates heat and friction. This combination causes certain parts to fatigue and wear out over time.
  • Additionally, the oil starts to break down as a result of normal wear and tear, which leads to further wear because it loses ideal lubricating properties. However, without regular service, excessive wear and oil degradation will cause your suspension to lose its original handling character. Your suspension may begin feeling softer and react less predictably than when it was fresh.


    Therefore, having your forks and shock serviced regularly will maintain the original character and damping of your suspension. To emphasize, it will keep the handling of your bike consistent and help you feel more confident when you’re riding.



What Are The Benefits of a Revalve?


    The quick answer is that everyone can benefit from revalving their suspension. Most motorcycles come from the manufacturer with a generic suspension set up that will work reasonably adequate for a wide variety of riders. By and large, it isn’t set up with your unique needs in mind. Personalizing your bike’s handling can be of huge benefit, including:


  • Feel safer and more confident. Notably, it can allow you to charge into the next corner faster, or take some of the fear out of casing that jump 
  • Improves your late moto endurance with a bike that takes less effort to control 
  • Suspension specialized to your exact riding style and preferences 


To summarize, whether you’re racing your buddies through the trails; aspiring to be a professional motocross racer; or a weekend warrior who just likes to ride in the hills with your friends, your suspension can definitely be customized to improve its performance for you!